Wanna have a catch?

A look at the Yhim Father's Day Eve event in support of the fight against Cancer

Father’s Day

Sunday June 18, 2017 is Father’s Day. It’s a day when fathers across the country get bad ties and cheesy “world’s greatest dad” mugs. It’s a day when grown men cry as they watch a father and son “have a catch” in Field of Dreams (the greatest father - son moment in cinema, save perhaps a few scenes in the Godfather). But most of all, it’s a day when the whole family gets together to celebrate dear old Dad. However, (just as with Mother’s Day) it’s also a day laced with a tinge of sadness as families honor and remember the parents who left this earth too soon.

The Big C

There are many reasons why a family may be missing their patriarch this Father’s Day, but one of the most common is Cancer. According to a 2014 CDC study, Cancer is the second leading cause of death among Males in the United States, behind Heart Disease. Among all Cancers, the leading causes of death in Males in the Unites States are Lung Cancer, Prostate Cancer, and Colorectal Cancer.

The CDC lays out the following guidelines to best help prevent Cancer:

  • Get regular preventative health screenings

  • Quit smoking and reduce exposure to second hand smoke, as well as all exposure to tobacco products

  • Eat a healthy varied diet rich in fruits and vegetables (micronutrients)

  • Maintain a healthy weight and exercise regularly

  • Limit your exposure to the sun and use sunscreen

  • Drink alcohol only in moderation

  • Limit your exposure to carcinogenic materials in your home or workplace

  • Know and review your family’s medical history


When something unfortunate happens to us or to someone we love, it is natural to ask, “Why”? Why me? Why her? Why him? The latter is a question Michael Jerbich asked himself when his father passed away from Cancer on Father’s Day 2002. Michael went on to turn that “why” into a “how” as in…how can we help? How can we make a difference in this fight? To help answer that question Michael started "Yhim" (www.yhim.org) which, according to Jerbich, donates 100% of its net proceeds to cancer research.

For more information on Michael as well as Yhim please check out the video found at this Vimeo link.

Each year shortly before Father’s Day, Michael and the team at Yhim host a gala to raise awareness and funds for Cancer Research. This year, the 5th Annual Father’s Day Eve Blue Tie Gala will be held at the National Hellenic Museum on June 17th, 2017 at 8pm. For more information and/or to purchase tickets please click here.

Our father who art in heaven…

I wish you and your families all a very Happy Healthy Father’s Day. This year as you celebrate, take a moment to say a prayer for all the Fathers and Grandfathers we have lost too soon. And if you have the time, means, and opportunity, support a cause such as Yhim to help more families celebrate more Father’s Days with their Dads for as long as they can. Oh, and don’t forget to take dear old dad out for a catch too. Because this may not be heaven, but a few moments of quality time with Pops can sure feel like it sometimes.

Happy Father’s Day everyone!

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