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The Weeknd

A look at the Weeknd's Starboy: Legend of the Fall Tour 2017

The Weeknd is currently out on his Starboy: Legend of the Fall World Tour (Phase 1), and he has announced new dates (Phase 2).

The Tour is his sixth and started on February 17, 2017 in Stockholm.

For those in Chicago, Tickets to the newly added November 2nd, 2017 show at the United Center go on sale tomorrow June 16th, but you can get tickets through the presale today via the presale code “LYRIC”. That show is a part of the tour's phase 2 and will feature Guccie Mane and Nav.

I attended the Weeknd's May 2017 Phase 1 show at the Allstate Arena and here are all the pertinent details for those of you that plan to attend any future stops of the tour.

What time does the Weeknd take the stage?

The official start time for the show I attended was 7:30PM. According to security, the Weeknd was scheduled to take the stage at 9:15 PM. Due to heightened security (likely resulting from the Ariana Grande Manchester concert tragedy), he took the stage closer to 9:45PM.

The opening act for Phase 1 of the tour is Rae Sremmurd, and the concert also features 6LACK and Belly. Rae Sremmurd did not perform their smash hit Black Beatles during their opening set, because they performed it towards the end of the concert with the Weeknd. Again, Phase 2 will feature Guccie Mane and Nav and I fully anticipate they will perform during the main concert in addition to their opening sets.

What is the anticipated set list for the concert?

The Weeknd opens with Starboy so don’t be late. The anticipated set list is as follows:

  • Starboy

  • Party Monster

  • Reminder

  • Six Feet Under

  • Might Not (Belly cover)

  • Low Life / Might Not

  • Often

  • Acquainted

  • Or Nah (Ty Dolla $ign cover)

  • Sidewalks

  • True Colors

  • Crew Love (Drake cover)

  • Wicked Games

  • PRBLMS (6LACK cover)

  • Earned It

  • Angel

  • Rockin’

  • In the Night

  • Secrets / Can’t Feel My Face

  • Tell Your Friends

  • Black Beatles (Rae Sremmurd Cover)

  • I Feel It Coming

  • Encore: The Hills

Where should I sit?

The concert is essentially the Weeknd and a microphone. There’s really no stage show or video presentation to accompany it. That’s not to say it isn’t a great show. The Weekend is incredibly talented and he belts out hit after hit non-stop for approximately an hour and half. But if you’re used to a big extravaganza as offered by the likes of Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake, this concert will be very different. The primary visual for the concert is the spaceship like overhang that serves as an interactive faux ceiling and set piece for the show. The Weeknd spends most of the concert on the runway that extends from the man stage into the audience.

As a result, my suggestion is that you should sit on the lower level of the stadium somewhere between the U that is formed by where center court and the baseline would be on a basketball court. That will give you a good view of the show as well as the spaceship set piece.

If you sit close to the stage or in the upper deck you might catch the show from behind, or be partially obstructed by the overhead spaceship.

Should I bring the kids?

This is always a subjective call. In my opinion, Rae Sremmurd’s performance is not suitable for a young audience (I would recommend 18 and older). The Weeknd’s performance was not overtly explicit but I would say, to be on the safe side, don’t bring anyone under 16 unless you’re fully ok missing the opening act and some explicit language throughout the main show.


For more information on tour dates, locations, and tickets visit or

Tour dates for the Weekend tend to sell out very quickly so you might have to go through third party vendors if you can’t snag tickets when they release to the public. If you get your tickets through Ticketmaster you should also receive complimentary CDs of Starboy in the mail for each ticket purchased with an option for the radio vs explicit version of the CD.

Enjoy the show!

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