One Chicago

A look at the One Chicago initiative

Asian American Heritage Month and One Chicago Launch

On Wednesday May 31, 2017 Mayor Rahm Emanuel hosted a brunch for Asian American leaders to celebrate Asian American Heritage Month. Coinciding with the celebratory brunch, Mayor Emanuel and his team unveiled the City of Chicago’s “One Chicago” program, which honors our beloved City’s history and commitment to diversity, unity, and prosperity.

The brunch took place at Sunda and provided leaders in the Asian American community across industry, nation of origin, and organizational affiliations to meet, mingle, and discuss opportunities to go from what is often perceived to be a passive and silent minority to a community with a powerful growing voice that deserves a seat at the political table.

When Mayor Emanuel took the stage he admonished Springfield and those in DC for failing to stand up for the rights of minorities, regardless of race, color, creed, gender, and sexual orientation. He said that he did not consider Chicago a “sanctuary” city, which has become a dirty word amongst the Right, but rather a “welcoming” city where everyone has a right to persevere, prosper, and feel protected. The Mayor talked about his family trips to Israel as a child, and how it is truly emblematic of Chicago’s strength that a Jewish mayor could host a Ramadan Iftar event, as he would be doing that same week.

What is One Chicago?

“One Chicago is more than a campaign; it is a statement of faith. Chicago—like America—is not just a place on a map, but a set of ideals and values carried on through generations of immigrants, migrants, and refugees who came to Chicago in search of a better life for themselves and their families.”

—Mayor Rahm Emanuel

One Chicago is a campaign put forth by the City of Chicago to celebrate our diversity, and to make it known that everyone is welcome here. Chicago is here with arms wide open to any and all that want to call it home. The program will facilitate access to resources and support for Chicago’s residents, including its immigrant and refugee communities. You may have already seen the One Chicago banners, billboards, and commercials, which was part of the tens of millions in free creative provided by Ogilvy Chicago.

The campaign features the true stories of Chicago’s very own, like Alpana Singh, who share what this great city means to them. They share amazingly emotional and personal accounts of how the City provided them with a home, and an opportunity to achieve their American Dream.

Anyone who knows me knows I love my city like no other. I am thrilled to support the One Chicago program and to revel in all the wonderful stories of our diverse and amazing brothers and sisters.

We can all relate to their trials and tribulations and I encourage you all to check out their triumphs out

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